The Practice of Living & Dying

Dying as a Rite of Passage

Death and Birth

Learning to Die

For millennia indigenous people everywhere have known "how to die".  Their teacher was the natural world and, over many years and many generations, they learned their lessons well.  Cycles of dying and rebirth were seen everywhere: the setting and rising of the sun, the turning of the seasons, the death of the elderly alongside the birth of a new generation. 


Ceremonial Rites of Passage

Ceremonial rites of passage emerged pan-culturally as a means of supporting, guiding and witnessing this natural process. These rites supported individuals as they let go of one stage of life—the “little deaths”—and were “reborn” into the next.  And these rites supported people as they prepared for the final transition, the big Death that awaits us all.

Reconection to Nature and Its cycles

As our modern culture has grown ever more sophisticated, we have also become ever more divorced from our natural surroundings and from ancient wisdom about living and dying.  We have pushed Death away from Life, the dying away from the living—all in order to impose the illusion of control on the uncertainty of change.  We have lost touch with the natural world and our place in it as mortal animals.   We have forgotten “how to die”.

In this retreat We ask an inseparable pair of questions:

How do we live?
so we may fully become our dying
How do we accept our dying?
so we may fully embrace our living

The practice of Living and Dying, with Meredith Little

In 2003, Meredith Little and hospice physician Scott Eberle joined together to create “The Practice of Living and Dying”—a new kind of curriculum that draws from both the hospice movement and the rites of passage movement.

In this particular retreat we will explore how to move through the dying process—be it a symbolic dying or a physical dying.  Our aim is both educational and therapeutic. 


Educationally, we will see how the growing wisdom of the modern hospice movement and the ancient, pan-cultural wisdom of indigenous ways and the 4 shields can be interwoven: how the wisdom of one world can inform daily practice in the other.
Therapeutically, time spent alone in nature each afternoon will encourage you to experience the wisdom of your own nature, and your personal truth about living and dying.  In the late afternoon and evening we will sit in council to hear the stories of this solo time, and learn from each other.

Retreat "The Practice of Living and Dying"

Dates - 2019

September 2019: from 17th al 22nd

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Near Barcelona, Spain.
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The retreat will be conducted in English with translation in Spanish.

Meredith Little


Meredith Little

Since 1976 Meredith Little and her husband Steven Foster have been pioneers in the implementation of modern rites of passage in the desert, and in the creation of innovative practices in the field of "eco-therapy".

In 1981 they created the School of Lost Borders, and in 2003, to help break the taboos and silence that pervade the subject of death, Meredith Little and Scott Eberle created a new branch of Lost Borders entitled "The Practice of Living and Dying".

The essence of his work is reflected in different books such as: "The Book of the Vision Quest", "The Roaring of the Sacred River", "The Four Shields: The Initiatory Seasons of Human Nature".



Diana and Xavi are co-founders of Transalquimia, an organization that promotes training and retreats that help Reconnect with Nature (Deep Ecology, Vision Quest, solitary retreats, Forest Bathing).

Diana and Xavi are guides in Rites of Passage / Vision Quest, trainers in Deep Ecology and therapists in Bioenergetics.

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